Introduction of LEGEND eSports sportsbook game provider

You can now experience various high-quality gaming platforms in Malaysia’s biggest online entertainment city. We strive to look for partnerships with new game providers so that we can continuously create the latest and most exciting gaming experience for the players. With the ever-rising popularity of e-Sports, we realized that players are investing an immense amount of attention and effort in e-Sports. Therefore, we are partnering with LEGEND eSports to create the LEGEND sportsbook game hall. LEGEND eSports offers a wide range of popular e-Sports betting including League of Legends, King of Glory, DOTA, and so on. Players can place bets on their favorite events. Besides that, our betting interface is easy to use. Players can have a great time playing it. LEGEND eSports brings you the latest and fairest e-Sports betting experiences.


Unique features of LEGEND eSports sportsbook game provider

LEGEND eSports has the most variety of e-Sports betting. The information for each match is always up-to-date, fair, and accurate. This is why they are the top choice for loyal e-Sports bettors. Besides that, LEGEND eSports sportsbook game provider offers the safest and most user-friendly operation interface. What other advantages they have? Let’s find out!

  1. Simple controls and easy to use betting interface.
  2. Live bets hosted by our attractive hostess.
  3. Has the latest and most diverse range of e-Sports betting.
  4. Supports iOS, Android, and Windows systems.
  5. Betting records can be accessed at anytime and anywhere.


The two major sportsbook categories offered by LEGEND eSports

Players can participate in (Live Bets) and (Event Bets) at LEGEND eSports.

LEGEND eSports sportsbook category: Live Bets

There are three types of Live Bets, “day-and-night”, “broadcasting”, and “pre-broadcasting”. If the live bet match that you want to bet on has not begun, you can confirm the broadcasting time outside the game room. Each Live Bet game room is hosted by an attractive hostess. After entering a game room, players have to register themselves under an alias so that they can interact with other players while enjoying the game. Players can place bets while a match is ongoing or they can check on the trend of the game. Game instructions are provided to the players for a better understanding of the gameplay in case there are any questions about the game.

LEGEND eSports sportsbook category: Event Bets

LEGEND eSports offers the biggest variety in e-Sports betting such as DOTA2, CS:GO, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and other well-known e-Sports events. You can check the “Event Bets” page for any daily e-Sports events. If you would like to find out more about the schedule of a specific event, you can click on the desired event name at the upper area of the page. Take a look at today’s event and start betting now!


User-friendly LEGEND eSports operating interface

There are three options at the bottom area of the LEGEND eSports operating interface, Live Bets, Event Bets, and Bets Record. Here are the details of these three options.

  1.  Live Bets

There are three types of Live Bets, “day-and-night”, “broadcasting”, and “pre-broadcasting”. If the event that you are betting on has not started yet, you can check out the broadcasting time outside of the game room and the pretty hostess.

  1. Event Bets

The primary focus of Event Bets is the daily matches. All available e-Sports events are provided by LEGEND eSports. The event details can be found in the upper area of the page. You can click into the events you preferred and check on the schedule. This way, you can place your bets in time and will not miss out on any of the matches.

  1. Bets Record

Players can keep track of their previously participated LEGEND eSports events. The bet records are divided into 4 categories of “Event Bets”, “Live Bets”, “King of Glory Quick Bets”, and “DOTA Quick Bets”. You can also check if your payout has been received or not. Manage your betting records, control your cash flow, and place your bets accurately at the right time to maximize your chance of winning!

i8 and LEGEND eSports have partnered up to create: LEGEND eSports sportsbook game hall

Nowadays, E-Sports is getting hotter and people are paying more attention to it. This is why i8 and LEGEND eSports sportsbook game provider has decided to join forces and create the LEGEND sportsbook game hall. LEGEND eSports offers many popular e-Sports betting, including League of Legends, King of Glory, DOTA, and others. Players can easily follow and bet on their favourite e-Sports events with our user-friendly betting interface. LEGEND eSports is dedicated in giving you the latest and fairest e-Sports betting experiences! Here is a secret tip, complement your bets with our promotions that are launched from time to time so you can reap more rewards! Grab the chance and win lucrative prizes now!


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